rainbow doomscrolling text anatomical heart with halloween elements gelatinous cube as a d20 dice the phrase 'take me' inside an alien head put those expectations to rest manifesting your future ghost self rainbow tentacles rising from the clouds gender identity d20 dice rainbow serotonin molecule block letters meet nostalgia

all illustrations created with affinity designer


Hello and welcome. My name is Amber Anderson, a southern California based digital illustrator.
Current illustration focus is on creating straightforward but curious illustrations.

These skills extend to experience with print and web based aspects of graphic design, including logos and branding materials
This website is built and maintained by me utilizing HTML/CSS through GitHub. This web experience extends to ecommerce for my chainmaille jewelry at Neon Dragon Maille (currently BigCartel, previously WordPress). For these websites, I create all the content including logos, branding, photography, and photo editing.

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